Toys For Children With Learning Disabilities

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With high energy and heightened curiosity we can all agree that children love to play. Through playing and interacting with others kids learn social skills and gain a greater sense of the world around them. This is even more important for children with special needs. By combining fun and functionality, toys for children with special needs help to improve the areas in which the child may be suffering.

Of course, it isn’t always the objective of playtime to also improve learning, but we do offer many toys for children with special needs that can provide both!

spot it learning express game imageSpot It Game: this easy-to-learn and fun game sharpens cognitive and matching skills. The objective is to match images that are of different sizes, and there are four different ways to play. The Spot It Game comes in a travel size container which means anytime can be playtime. Toys for children with special needs don’t have to be complicated to make a difference.

PlasmaCar Blue and Lime Green: summer is around the corner and it’s time to get outside! The PlasmaCar improves gross-motor skills by strengthening coordination. Toys for children with special needs are also another way to get kids active and off the couch. The PlasmaCar is available in blue and lime green for ages 3 and up.

4 in 1 Drum: music is extremely important to the overall development of a child. Music classes have been integrated into the educational environment for years and it’s because studies have shown that music increases intelligence. The 4 in 1 Drum combines bright colors and different sounds to improve audiovisual sensory processing skills. Encouraging your child to be creative is just another way to strengthen their self-esteem and concentration.

Sort & Snap Color Match by Melissa & Doug: looking for something to keep your child focused during long car rides? The Sort & Snap Color Match might be the perfect find for you. This wooden activity board helps to improve matching, sorting and motor skills. This is just another example of how toys for children with special needs can be fun and informative.

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